Frank is an award-winning hardscape professional, speaker, writer, consultant, and entrepreneur with an extensive background in business and hardscape construction. He has been a part of the Green Industry for over 20 years as a business owner, working in various sectors including retail, landscape management, and landscape design/construction. 

Now, Frank coaches full time internationally and speaks at some of the largest conference and contractor events throughout the US and Canada. He has been part of the speaker line-up and host at events such as Hardscape North America, GIE Expo, Landscape Ontario Congress - Hardscape Live and many more. He is also a certified ICPI & NCMA instructor and Certified Landscape Horticultural Technician.

Note: Each topic can be presented in different formats -> 60-90 minutes presentation, keynote, coaching, daily event or workshop

Stand Out from the Competition: How to Sell, Upsell and Create Exceptional Customer Value 

Get an inside look at the unique qualities of outstanding hardscape businesses and how they get people to buy what they are selling. This session focuses on what motivates people to buy and how people make buying decisions. It also gives strategies to develop a culture of enthusiastic employees that have the ability to innovate and provide memorable customer value. This presentation will help you create a step-by-step approach for a winning sales process.

Contractor Success and How to Manage Your 
5 Greatest Assets

Possibly the most impactful presentation to change your perception of what's really important to manage in your business. Learn where to focus your energy in your business operations and best of all, learn a system that's easy to use and straightforward to implement.

The Proof Lies in the Profits

Research has shown that there is a wide gap in workplace performance. This session provides the tools and skills needed to close this gap by helping ensure employees feel valued, supported, developed, and rewarded. It will also help you assess, motivate and create a culture of consistent performance, which in turn will help you and your business' bottom line.

Gaining Loyal Clients Through the 5 Rules of Exceptional and Memorable Service

Loyal customers spend more, provide free word-of-mouth promotion and visit more often.  Yet small businesses often focus on chasing new customers as a way to improve the bottom line. In this session you will learn 9 simple ways to increase the customer loyalty, be profitable and provide a memorable service.

​The Most Common Pitfalls You Should Avoid 

Managing a hardscape business can have its ups and downs. However, once you can learn from other people's mistakes, you can prevent many of the common pitfalls that often make running your business challenging. In addition, when you know how to manage and deal with the common pitfalls you can prevent profit loss and ease the challenges at work.

Setting Up Your Mobile Office with New Innovative Tools, Apps and Resources to Increase Profits and Efficiency

Learn how to setup a mobile office to run your business operations from anywhere and increase productivity, efficiency and profits. Furthermore, learn creative ways to use technology to monitor, manage, brand and market your business for less.

Habits and Tools of Highly Effective Teams  

In order to be best, you need the best. Learn the habits of highly effective teams, leaders and hardscape crews. Get the latest information regarding the best industry tools that can increase your efficiency, productivity and profits. This session focuses on industry leaders and how they create award-winning companies. 

Public Seminars

Top New Trends to Increase Your Home Value
Learn about the new, trendy and exciting innovations within the industry. Maximizing your space and home value starts with a few basic steps and can be approached with various new and exciting landscape solutions.

How to Find Your Ideal Contractor
Loaded with tips and tricks, Frank shares the top dos and don’ts for achieving a successful project and finding your ideal contractor. If you are looking to invest in a project, you will gain the knowledge and awareness you need to get the most for your investment.

Planning Like a Pro
Practical, easy to use, take-home information for creating your dream projects, adding value and for avoiding the waste of precious time, money and energy. 

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Level 1 - Concrete Paver Installer Certification

The two-day course equips individuals currently employed in the concrete paver installer industry with training and tools on installing interlocking concrete paving systems in the proper way. In addition, participants have the opportunity to pursue a certification and industry recognition.

Advanced Residential Paver Technician Course

The two-day course provides training in residential paver installations and covers some of the hottest topics in outdoor living space design and construction, specifically specialty applications such as raised and multi-level patios, fireplaces, fire pits, grills, outdoor kitchens, pool decks and permeable interlocking concrete pavement. 

NCMA – SRW Level I/Basic Residential

The one-day course equips individuals currently employed in the SRW installer industry with training and tools to properly install Segmental Retaining Wall systems. In addition, participants have the opportunity to pursue certification and industry recognition.

NCMA – SRW Installer Advanced Course 

The SRW Advanced Installer course provides training in residential SRW installations and covers some of the hottest topics in the SRW design and construction, specifically specialty applications.